And they really are FRENCH fries

I thought I was getting out of the United States while abroad.


Hello burgers and fries.

Burgers and fries until the day I dies. Sorry I had to, because I literally mean until the day I die, because they are just so bad for you! It doesn’t make them any less delicious though, does it?

What I love is how the French seem to impose their gourmet style cooking on this basic, stereotypical American cuisine. I couldn’t believe how lovely the burgers looked…I even arrived as a vegetarian!

I have swayed a bit from my traditional ways, as it is so difficult not to. BUT- I will say that one of my fabulous friends here Charlotte, loves her yummy burgers…and she isn’t afraid to say so!

Ketchup is almost always offered with the burger and fries. Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Well, you’d be surprised to receive a judgmental, “bien sur” from them. It is so funny actually, to watch French people order burgers. You will walk past a window at a café or restaurant and see four Parisians all eating a burger and fries. So why is this our American reputation? Why are we pinned as the “burger joint” country? Is it because we don’t sit down and eat our fries with a fork and knife? That is exactly why.

We eat with our hands. French people have a fork in their left hand and a knife in their right hand. ALWAYS. If you want to fit in when you visit, you have to cut your food in to tiny little pieces, no matter how hard it is to flip your fork right side up using one hand while trying not to let your food fall off the end of it. This is formally referred to as “etiquette.”

However… you are permitted to eat les crêpes, les jambons and les baguettes with your hands. Should you be writing this down?

When we think critically, food is about flavor: aromas, ingredients, balance, measurements, pairings and of course, wine. So we can think of this burger and fries crossover as a way to really understand one another. We know we can sit without speaking and understand exactly what our fellow Parisian is thinking: “Yum.”


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